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"Extra LENR-am non est vita; sed est non est ita"
(Outside LENR there is no life and it is, it is not the same") explanation below at b) 


a) The mottoes of yesterday

I forgot to tell you wise saying of Lampedusa
"Scratch an altruist and you will get a hypocrite bleeding" 
Hypocrites can be really despicable, wherever they appear.

One reader, nickname Che, has called my attention to the fact that based on the "Leopard" novel a great Italian director who was a communist has made a movie. 
OK, I know well hat Luchino Visconti was a member of the Italian Communist Party
however he was also an aristocrat, a genius, a homosexual and a time relatively close to the son of Benito Mussolini; however only his geniality is only relevant 
for the movie. Again I must emphasize the validity of one of Carlo Cipolla's Laws
of Human Stupidity: " Stupidity is independent from ANY other characteristic of the individual"
Tomorrow we will celebrate the 60-th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution
that was surely not triggered by the good life in a communist, oppressive society.
More about the 1956 events- my participation- tomorrow.

b) Thinking about Hungary- the Motto of today

Extra Hungariam non est vita, sed est non est ita.
 A saying once very popular in the neighboring country- coined by the Italian philosopher Caelius Rhodiginius in the XV century - who observed how much Hanagrian students where attached to their own foods and tradition, then resurrected by Szaszky Tomka Janos three century's later ;
the saying getting many interpretations. It is very impressive to see how powerful traditions can be or a dominant modus vivendi.  Hungry as used for the saying but actually it is very civilized country. And I share their attitude toswrd unknown and uncontrollable emigrants.
And despite the fact that my Blog is dedicated now to LENR I well know there is life outside LENR too. And I can tell you about many things. LENR is however unique
in many ways, it sis still going through interesting times.


From Bob Greenyer
Independent *GlowStick* 5.2 replication in advanced stages
Over the past six months we have been working in a hands off way to help David Daggett and Phonon Energy prepare the nearest replica yet to our GS 5.2 experiment. They are nearly ready to run.

They are currently dealing with a leak - one of the biggest challenges in these experiments which we hope they will overcome.

MIT announces hot fusion breakthrough


About  Ed Storm's theory
Ed Storms has never taken reactor meltdown seriously in his formulation of LENR theory. But over time, reactor meltdown has been shown to be a major factor in the development of LENR technology by multiple LENR experimenters.

People who have successfully produced a gainful LENR reaction have first started out with a succession of reactor meltdowns. Rossi has stated that in the beginning of his development, he melted down hundreds of his reactors.

ME356 has also explained how he melted down his reactors until he figured out how to moderate the LENR reaction.

Recently, another new and sucessful Rossi replicator has melted down multiple reactors until he figured out how to control the reaction.

And let us not forget Alexander Parkhomov who in the beginning accumulated a bushel of melted reactor fragments of his first reactor attempts.

If Ed Storms does not want to deal with a major behavioral characteristic of the LENR development cycle; if Ed wants to ignore what is happening during reactor meltdown; how does Ed's theories advance the understanding of the Rossi LENR+ method.

Even Pd/D technology has seen electrolytic LENR systems melt down, but Ed's theories cannot even explain this condition.

This basic question that Ed must answer in this theory is what produces the LENR reaction, how does this reaction gets out of control and how is the reaction moderated to a steady state condition when this supercritical condition sets in.

About Rossi's achievments

Rossi's technical approach has been replicated by at least three experimenters that I know about and maybe more that I don't know about. These replications provide grounds to question the opinion of the Rossi detractors. It also provides grounds to keep an open mind about the efficacy of the nickel/lithium/hydrogen LENR reaction that we call LENR+ 

GREGORY GOBLE about FASTNESS and LENR- answer to my editorial about Fastness

Fastness, an excellent choice for the title. Its' meaning is rich with complexities. 

Fastness describes an ability to not move, to be fixed in place, as in colour fastness.
Also the quality of how swiftly things move or operate.

A place that is difficult to get to or that can be easily defended if it is attacked. 

Consider as well, fastness as the ability for an organism to resist a toxic substance.

Each of these meanings can be applied to aspects of the history of cold fusion/LENR science.

My Heart Always

My heart always goes
To the mountain fastness

My heart overflows
With joyful gladness

My heart always shows
Peace through the madness

My heart gently holds
All painful sadness

My heart always knows
Love is the way

gbgoble -2012


New record for fusion: Giant leap in pursuit of clean energy
Alcator C-Mod tokamak nuclear fusion reactor sets world record on final day of operation
Date:October 21, 2016

Source:Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Scientists and engineers recently made a leap forward in the pursuit of clean energy. The team set a new world record for plasma pressure in an Alcator C-Mod tokamak nuclear fusion reactor. Plasma pressure is the key ingredient to producing energy from nuclear fusion, and MIT's new result achieves over 2 atmospheres of pressure for the first time.

When quantum scale affects the way atoms emit and absorb particles of light
Exact simulation lifts the 80-year-old mystery of the degree to which atoms can be dressed with photons
Date:October 21, 2016
In 1937, US physicist Isidor Rabi introduced a simple model to describe how atoms emit and absorb particles of light. Until now, this model had still not been completely explained. In a recent article, physicists have for the first time used an exact numerical technique: the quantum Monte Carlo technique, which was designed to explain the photon absorption and emission phenomenon.

Scientists gain insight on mechanism of unconventional superconductivity
Date:October 18, 2016
Source:Ames Laboratory
A systematic investigation into the properties of the newest family of unconventional superconducting materials, iron-based compounds, has been conducted by researchers. The study may help the scientific community discover new superconducting materials with unique properties.


Leaders Should Define More Than the Mountain Top, but Less Than the Whole Plan

Accelerating Innovation with Leadership


Thanks to my friends Ron Kita and Terry Blanton who both have sent this:
Does this mysterious piece of aluminum prove UFOs visited Earth 250,000 years ago? 

For the time given I cannot tell anything.

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Image result for giuseppe tomasi Lampedusa quotationsImage result for giuseppe tomasi Lampedusa quotations

The nove I; Gattopardo (The leopard) by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa is one of my favorites, in my dream I was reading it again and therefore have I have chosen these quotes- they tell much, for LENR too.



Dear Ed,

I have received now:

Obviously, this was announced on my Blog as soon as it appeared a few days ago., however now I will ask you an essential question.
You repeatedly told that you are very discontented with the LENR community, too many researchers have original, unfounded ideas and are ignoring the basic known facts on which your theory is firmly based.
OK, still true in part- and consider the opposition of the LANR people, Swartz and Hagelstein- however my impression based on discussions is that actually your Theory is popular, accepted- you have many admirers and followers. 
I am an admirer but not a follower just this is not relevant for what I am asking you now.
In my best years when I lead the research lab from OLTCHIM we have before starting any Project, "What will we get if this is a Total, 100% Success?"

Suppose everybody starts using your ideas, your Theory becomes the Standard, you are becoming the WWLENR Leader, get the task, power, funding and all the means necessary to organize the LENR research activity worldwide- can you describe the global scenario and make prediction for the development of the Field? Please eliminate modesty from the equation. Thank you for a constructive answer!


Thanks Peter. What you describe about my ideas being followed and sometimes accepted is reassuring but not always obvious.  Part of the problem results because LENR itself is not accepted. Nevertheless, the kind of people and attitudes in the LENR field are different from those I experienced when I worked at LANL and was involved with other fields of science.  Also, as is becoming apparent, many people who have a more conventional approach to the discussion of science are becoming interested but do not contribute on CMNS, which is the focus of my frustration.  As these people get involved and bring to bear the successful kind of interaction other fields of science experience, the field will move ahead more rapidly.  I think what we are seeing is an exhaustion of patience with the failed ideas based on imagination and quantum physics.  Clearly, a different approach is required.  Finally, people have nothing to lose by taking my approach.  So, maybe I only need to be patient, which is not one of my natural quantities.


Third Parties in Rossi v. IH Court Case File Joint Motion to Dismiss Counter Claims Against Them

E-Cat novita di ottobre 2016


I have been thinking over the material I read in Krivit's book and at 1st thought I could do an easy review of it but am now wondering just what the book really tells me and what I can retell from it.
In the broader sense, it is the book of a person (Krivit) who has built up a lot of knowledge of CF, LENR & LENR+ and has come to understand the areas of major interest and critical contention (especially the apparent incorrect assumptions of D + D => fusion event).  Krivit has always impressed me as one of the sharpest minds in the CF/LENRs field and a tenacious researcher who was and is intent on getting to a 'truth' even at the expense of personal relationships with those he deals with along the way.
The book delves into the personalities, actions and convictions of the major players of the era (particularly from Pons & Fleischmann  on)  in a warts and all fashion which in some ways comes across as unfortunate as there is a constant critical air that permeates the writing.
Few people written about get much praise as there is quite a bit of criticism for many of the most famous participants. There aren't many heros. In fact, some reputations appear to be' trashed' by claims made in the book. I have chosen not to name anyone who gets criticised as an interested reader can find out for themselves.
The praise in this book mostly goes to Widom and Larsen (notably Larsen). The book paints a strong picture of their LENRS theory being the only salvation of the field in that the W & L theory is said to have been accepted by even the greatest critics of the whole Cold Fusion argument (including Robert L Park and others). However these former critics are said to have only relented when they accepted W & L's case for neutron capture vs a Fusion event.
One should end the book with a strong conviction that LENR & LENR+ are proven and real phenomena but that strong doubts still exist as to current levels of scalability of the effect. However, there is also a strong emphasis on great progress finally starting to be made even if Andrea Rossi's eCat claims take a hammering under the Krivit blowtorch of investigation and detailed analysis.
In retrospect, this book is a valuable and informative read but I will say that the book by Brett Holverstott about Randall MIlls & the Hydrino discovery, was such a pleasure to read that any subsequent book about new science read by my myself (such as Krivit's book), had a very very hard act to follow.
I will probably buy the next book in the set. I do see great value in Steven Krivit's expertise and knowledge of the subject.


Safe new storage method could be key to future of hydrogen-powered vehicles
Date:October 20, 2016
Source:University of Oxford
Hydrogen is often described as the fuel of the future, particularly when applied to hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles. One of the main obstacles facing this technology -- a potential solution to future sustainable transport -- has been the lack of a lightweight, safe on-board hydrogen storage material. A major new discovery has shown that hydrocarbon wax rapidly releases large amounts of hydrogen when activated with catalysts and microwaves.
Designing the future Internet
Date:October 20, 2016
Source:Rutgers University
This century, our world will be flooded with hundreds of billions of smartphones, gadgets, sensors and other smart objects connected to the internet. New research is at the forefront of efforts to redesign the internet to handle the enormous increase in traffic.Wow Explanation of What Happens When You Experience a Wow Moment

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Image result for fastness quotations

And the Motto used here:
could be repeated now- it is my creation, anyway..


Solving the problems of LENR means actually to find out how to convert a genius miscovery in a working useful  discovery. My opinion is that standard, conformist methods will not help much.
Sincerely, I  think this approach to the LENR problem- going simply slowly, scientifically, stepwise, systematically, straightly is steering severe stagnative suicide

History will show if I am right or I err greatly- I will find the necessary means to come back and acept my blunder, if the case.


Group photo with the Participants at ICCF20

Rossi: QuarkX Commercialization Depends of 5 Sigma

Palladium hydride- Wikipedia audio

Jean Francois Geneste
At the SSICCF20 conference in China, I have proven that if we have the right to use the axiom of choice, like quantum phyisicits do, then we can prove that in thermodynamics we can violate the first principle... Moreover, the proof of this 
result gives a method to achieve this. I therefore suggest the readers of this post to think about the comparison between this result and the energy of vacuum which plagues quantum physics. Indeed, on the one hand we would have infinite energy outside a physical system through physical manipulations, on the other, we have infinite energy in quantum physics outside nothing (i.e. Vacuum). Now, this result asks the question whether we must admit the axiom of choice in physics. I would be Wtempted to say yes! With all the consequences this can have... :)

Andrea Rossi
October 20, 2016 at 8:01 AM

Yesterday has been sent by email to many of the persons I am in contact with a fake email signed “andrea rossi” with an attachment that is a virus able to hack the computer of them who open it.
The email comes from the following address:
If you receive an email from the address above mentioned, signed “andrea rossi” ( all small letters), please DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT, or your computer will be hacked.
Our experts have already discovered who sent it ( an imbecile also when he tries to make the hacker, and a well known to us subject ) and our attorneys have been informed.
If you receive such an email, please delete it from your computer.
Warm Regards,


It's official: Phonon and magnon are a couple 
Date:October 19, 2016 
 Source:Institute for Basic Science 
 Scientists have observed, quantified and created a new theoretical model of the coupling of two forms of collective atomic excitation, known as magnons and phonons in crystals of the antiferromagnet manganite (Y,Lu)MnO3, a mineral made of manganese oxide and rare-earth elements called yttrium (Y) and lutetium (Lu). This study could provide an important breakthrough for solving a 100 year old physical problem, and deepen our knowledge of an interesting class of materials called multiferroics, suggests a new report.


“Find” a vision. Not “have” a vision.

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Image result for "size matters" quotationsImage result for "size matters" quotations


Size matters but we have to know- which size, the size of what?
Size matters, form matters sometimes almost as much as size. I was reminded about this today - see the paper about catalytic converting of CO2 from air in ethanol (at LENR IN CONTEXT-1) It is a very impressive achievement of nanotechnology- and please do not forget that LENR if and when it works is alos due to progress in nanotechnlogy- nanostructure, nanoplasmonics, nanodynamics.
 A different example for "size matters" - those who cannot see the difference between a zero excess 1MW plant , 20kW in and out from the normal performance, 20 kW in 928 kW out, as described in IH Exhibit 5  based on the leaked ERV Report average values for long 10 months- it is as if you cannot distinguish a round worm from an anaconda


 1) NEW THREAD: The Rossi Effect: How much hydrogen is enough?

2) The Truth About Why the Tesla, Apple and Samsung batteries are really blowing up: LENR’s and atom-level degradation

4) А.А. Корнилова, видео доклада "Алхимия на этапе промышленного внедрения"
A.A. Kornilova video- "Alchemy in the stage of industrial implementation"

There is a dream that LENR supporters have that may not come about. This dream is the "off the grid" independence that is rooted in rugged individualism and the frontier spirit.

There are two characteristics of the Rossi fuel cycle that will force Rossi type LENR toward government control, regulation and use in large scale utility based power plants.

The first is the production of hard to shield intense muon fluxes that disrupt electrical equipment out over a long distance away from the home based reactor. For example, the Defkalion reactor produced electrical interference so intense, that two Faraday shields plus mu metal was unable to keep the phone system that serviced their lab operating.

This is a common observation for LENR developers as follows:

ME356 states: "Emissions (RF, electrons and UV) during the test were so strong that my control circuit was absolutely crazy even that it was 3 meters away - it is unusable.

I am very sure that this behavior is real as it happened to me too. I use analog pressure meter which cannot be damaged.

I am sure that the noise is extremely high as it affects computers and USB peripherals 2 meters away.
Everything is contactless.

Also I have checked that SiC element is producing so intense EM field, that my IR meter (that is reading data from TC) was unstable at 800W and more."

The second issue is the production of nearly pure Lithium 6 as a ash product. This will place every Rossi reactor under the licensed control of the NRC and the IAEA. The people who control proliferation and the regulation of bomb capable materials will not allow Lithium 6 generation out into general public use.


New Process Discovered to Convert CO2 to Ethanol

Pushing the boundaries of magnet design
New method to make permanent magnets more stable over time
Date:October 18, 2016
For physicists, loss of magnetization in permanent magnets can be a real concern. In response, scientists created the strongest available magnet -- one offering ten times more magnetic energy than previous versions -- in 1983. These magnets are a combination of materials including rare-earth metal and so-called transition metals, and are accordingly referred to as RE-TM-B magnets.

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Image result for rules quotationsImage result for rules quotations


Edmund Storms  about the Rules and Rossi

Peter, I do not understand why you think anyone is scapegoating Rossi. People are simply describing what Rossi has done. He has not played by the rules normally used in science or even in commerce. He has not provided useful and perhaps correct information. His claims have not been replicated even though many people have tried. Now he is in a legal battle involving his behavior.  These behaviors have an obvious and predictable effect on people's attitudes toward LENR. Ignoring them would be unnatural and dishonest.   

 Personally, I have learned nothing of value from Rossi other than not do do what he has done. In contrast, you claim you have learned that two different kinds of LENR are possible, one that is useful and the other that is not.  You have learned that Ni+H2 can make sufficient energy. You have learned that people need to support Rossi if they hope to solve the LENR problem.  Is this a fair description of how you view the contributions made by Rossi?


  Rules are more specific, more topogical, circumstantial and conventional than we think. Rossi's priority is not Science and truth, but Technology & Business and value  his first order priority is his Intellectual Property- know how, fabrication secrets he has built by very hard work. He will protect his IP till obtaining a decisive competitive advantage. 
Why he is now in a legal battle is not directly caused by his , say, anti-scientific behavior. It is more about a valid contract that was not paid.

What he has done- and is of value- is that he has liberated the Djinn from the bottle, (as Vladimir Vysotskii has stated here) made LENR greater and richer than it was in Jan 2011, just many of us have a more restricted definition of LENR and do not care for larger horizons -  Not "bring back, of bring back my PdBonnie to me!"
Can you tell how much better was LENR's prestige and attractiveness in Jan 2011 than today?  It was strongly ignored- if this has a sense.

Many different LENRs are possible I think not only two. Have you read Krivit's book?
He can be right in part. In the rest your description about what I think about Rossi is OK. But it is about reactive forms of hydrogen and specially activated Ni able to continuous NAE-genesis at high temperatures


1) From Cold Fusion Now

World Clean Energy Conference - 25th Anniversary
LENR Introduction Nicolas Chauvin, LENR Cars SA; Lausanne, Switzerland
LENR Progress and Cooperation Plans Dr. Francesco Celani, VP of ISCMNS, Italy


Seminar for Nuclear Cold Fusion and Globular Lightnings at PFUR takes place Thursday, Oct 27 at PFUR- in the usual place
Program of the day:
1. 16.00 – 16.15 A. A. Prosvirnov: " News in LENR and CNF"
2. 16.15 – 16.25 Yu. L. Ratis. Professor at the Institute of Special energetics, Samaraa, 'Invitation to collaboration"
3. 16.25 – 17.15 Dr B.U. Rodionov, Veteran of The National Institute of Nuclear Research. Moscow: " World computer solves our problems?"
4. 17.15 – 18.00 Alexander Kiprianovich Shevelev, Ishak Imamutdinovich Davletin: "About the possible mechanisms of heat generation in the Rosssi-Parkhomov Cells"
5. 18.00 – 18.15  Miscellanea.


The replicators are not using pure Li7 isotope. The replicators are using Lithium Aluminum hydride which contains natural lithium that has a natural abundance of Li6 which is a reaction poison. 

The Rossi reactor is a Lithium 7 burner. That is why the Lugano reactor increased Li6 as ash many times over in only 32 days.

In the Lugano demo, the Lithium 7 was enriched to 94%. This was not an accident. The Rossi fuel creation process does not modify the fuel's isotopic composition. Transmutation does not happen during fuel preparation. All the active fuel elements are comprised of metalized lithium hydride crystals containing only lithium 7. When the fuel is loaded into the reactor, transmutation proceeds but not in the metalized lithium hydride fuel. That metalized crystal is protected from transmutation. After the metalized lithium is prepared, other raw lithium is loaded via lithium aluminum hydride which contains a normal spread of isotope proportions of Li6 and Li7. This raw lithium is used as fuel for transmutation. The fuel prep stage uses pure Li7 so when the new batch of raw lithium is added, the Li6/Li7 ratio changes but does not match the expected raw lithium ratio due to the pure Li7 used in the fuel prep stage.

WizKid just made a sucessful reactor experiment using Li7 fluoride. 


World record for nuclear fusion smashed by MIT team

Physicists pass spin information through a superconductor

Date:October 14, 2016
Source:Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Researchers have made a discovery that could lay the foundation for quantum superconducting devices. Their breakthrough solves one the main challenges to quantum computing: how to transmit spin information through superconducting materials.

From Tanmay Vora

Putting People First: Leading in an Era of Constant Transformation